For Performers

House Concerts in Media, PA

We get a lot of people asking to to play for us.

Unfortunately, real life eats up more and more of our time and money – our shows can be few and far between. So, unless you’re Paul Simon, we probably won’t be able to help you. Please don’t be afraid to drop us an email and get your name on our radar. Fair warning: we probably won’t reply right away.

This sucks as much for us as it does for you. We’d love nothing more than to present monthly sold-out shows.

Andi and Neil.

P.S. You’ve automatically scored big, big points by reading this page before writing. You’d be surprised.
P.P.S. We really don’t like unsolicited phone calls*.

(*If you are, or represent, Paul Simon, Brian Wilson, Richard Shindell, Shawn Colvin etc. etc. consider yourself solicited.)

Some things you might want to know.

We’re just two music lovers. We don’t lay claim to much, but our guest bedroom is comfy and we cook good.
We love our house. It’s not huge. Attendance varies from around 30 with a maximum of 50 (depending on how much space the artist takes up!)
We do have a piano, guitars, a few other assorted stringed instruments, and even a drum kit should you need them.

And that’s basically it – unless we left something out – in which case, let us know!